Champlain Valley Native Plant Restoration Nursery

nurseryThe mission of the nursery is to produce high quality container-grown seedlings from local seed stock for restoration and buffer plantings in the Champlain Valley. The nursery started in 2002 as a partnership between the Poultney Mettowee Conservation District and The Nature Conservancy’s Southern Lake Champlain Valley Program.

In 2011, the nursery partnership expanded when Green Mountain College joined us and the nursery moved from its previous location in NY to the GMC campus. The move has enriched the programming available through the nursery, including education and outreach, workshops, internships, and research opportunities.

The main goal of the nursery will continue to be the propagation of native seeds for plantings. The plantings serve many goals including, stabilizing streambanks (reducing erosion), restoring native plant communities (clayplain and floodplain forests), re-establishing connectivity of habitat along riparian corridors, improving water quality, and preventing the spread of non-native plant material in the landscape.

The nursery receives a great amount of help from volunteers and interns in accomplishing seed collection, propagation and growing operations. Many opportunities exist for individuals and groups interested in learning about native plant production and lending a hand.

The long-term financial goal of the nursery is to become self-sustaining through the sale of seedlings. Seedlings are being sold wholesale to individuals and groups engaged in conservation and restoration plantings in the Champlain Valley such as regional watershed and county conservation districts, private conservation organizations, and farmers and private landowners enrolled in government cost-share conservation programs.

For more information about available plants contact:

Keith Roberts, Nursery Manager,
Nursery Capture

SPOTLIGHT – Nursery News and Events

The nursery’s busy season is well underway with the Nursery Manager, an Americorps member, and a full-time intern working hard to plant, transplant, water, and weed. ¬†Volunteers are always welcome with work at the nursery and Wednesday is a busy day with multiple groups returning to care for seedlings. ¬†Please call or stop by if you are interested in helping out.

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