Champlain Valley Native Plant Restoration Nursery

nurseryThe mission of the nursery is to produce high quality bareroot and container-grown seedlings from local seed stock for restoration and buffer plantings in the Champlain Valley. The nursery started in 2002 as a partnership between the Poultney Mettowee Conservation District and The Nature Conservancy’s Southern Lake Champlain Valley Program.

In 2011, the nursery partnership expanded when Green Mountain College joined us and the nursery moved from its previous location in NY to the GMC campus.  During our time at the college the Nursery was able to provide enriched programming including education and outreach, workshops, internships, and research opportunities.

With the closing of the Green Mountain College Campus spring of 2019 the nursery was left without a home. The District decided to relocate the Nursery within Poultney in order to stay connected to the surrounding community and continue to serve as an educational resource. Working with the Village of Poultney, the Nursery has moved to its current location on York Street. This new partnership with the village provides exciting opportunities that we hope will strengthen the Nursery and PMNRCD’s capacity to provide educational and hands-on learning opportunities to local residents.

The main goal of the nursery will continue to be the propagation of native seeds for plantings. The plantings serve many goals including, stabilizing stream banks (reducing erosion), restoring native plant communities (clayplain and floodplain forests), re-establishing connectivity of habitat along riparian corridors, improving water quality, and preventing the spread of non-native plant material in the landscape.

The nursery receives a great amount of help from volunteers and interns in accomplishing seed collection, propagation and growing operations. Many opportunities exist for individuals and groups interested in learning about native plant production and lending a hand.

The long-term financial goal of the nursery is to become self-sustaining through the sale of seedlings. Seedlings are being sold to individuals and groups engaged in conservation and restoration plantings in the Champlain Valley such as regional watershed and county conservation districts, private conservation organizations, and farmers and private landowners enrolled in government cost-share conservation programs.

For more information about available plants contact:

Hilary Solomon, District Manager,
Sadie Brown, Nursery Manager,

Nursery Capture

SPOTLIGHT – Nursery News and Events

Oct 12th from 9am-1pm 
685 York Street, Poultney, VT 05764
Meet Nursery and District staff and learn about the work going on within our watershed. We will be showcasing projects the District and Nursery have been involved in as well as providing an insider scoop on some of the work we have planned for the future.  In addition to giving tours and answering questions, we will be holding a raffle, giving away door prizes to the first ten visitors, and selling plants. Snacks and drinks will be provided! Whether you are interested in purchasing plants or are just curious about what we do, stop on in!

Creating pollinator Spaces
Oct 14th at 6:30pm at the Castleton Free Library in Castleton, VT
Topics covered will include using native plants in your garden and landscape, what plants to use, what benefits
specific trees, shrubs, and local flora have for pollinators, how bees act as pollinators, and a rundown
on the basics of beekeeping.
In addition to the speakers, there will be a hands-on portion where attendees will have the opportunity
to create and bring home a “pollinator hotel” to support pollinators in their own backyard.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please call or email, if you have any interest in working at the Nursery this growing season!  Volunteers are always welcome to assist at the nursery in the spring – fall months.  Come learn about the work we do through the power of plants and help us build a healthier watershed.

Please contact us for any individual or group planting interest.



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