Stafford Forestry and Natural Resources helps rebuild CVNPRN hoop houses


Stafford Forestry and Natural Resources Program participants arrived at the nursery yesterday morning to help rebuild the hoop houses that had sorely deteriorated over the years. As always, it was a great pleasure and privilege to work alongside these dedicated teens. Thanks to their hard work and motivation, we were able to have two hoop houses completely rebuilt and the other two on site shored up enough to last for another year. We can now safely put the plants to bed for the winter.

Thank you, Stafford Tech, Mark Raishart, Dan Lovell, and all the terrific students for all that you do! 

Education and Outreach programming with the nursery and support of this blog is made possible with funding through Lake Champlain Basin Program. 

IMG_1520 IMG_1526 IMG_1529 IMG_3950

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