Green Stormwater: What You Can Do At Home

Green Stormwater InfrastructureJoin the Tinmouth Conservation Commission, The South Lake Champlain Partnership, and VT DEC’s Becky Tharp at the Old Tinmouth Firehouse at 7pm on Wednesday, August 3, to discuss emerging trends, new research, and inspirational designs for integrating green elements into our built environment. Find out how the widespread use of small, adaptive stormwater practices can be implemented on your own property. In addition to the benefits to your home environment, these practices also address the water quality and flood hazard effects of increasingly large storm events amid periods of draught. 

Becky Tharp manages the Green Infrastructure Collaborative, a joint program of Lake Champlain Sea Grant and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, which promotes Low Impact Development (LID) and Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) practices as the preferred methodologies to manage stormwater runoff from developed lands in Vermont.  

The South Lake Champlain Partnership, which includes the Poultney Mettowee Conservation District (PMNRCD) and the Rutland Regional Planning Commission (RRPC), is a collaboration to help implement flood resiliency in the Flower Brook Watershed shared by Tinmouth, Danby and Pawlet. This unique watershed approach for Weathering the Storm: Community-Based Planning for Flood Resiliency in Flower Brook works with all three towns to model and strategize upstream and downstream influences to avoid devastating losses from future floods. Stay tuned for more events!

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