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Where and What CVNPRN Plants are Used for

Ever wonder where our plants end up?  While our plants are grown with a focus on the Champlain Valley Region, the Nursery is involved in projects throughout Vermont and with our neighbors in Washington County, NY.  Projects come in all sizes from assisting a landowner looking to add a few trees to their yard to larger scale restoration projects through environmental organizations.

Project Spotlight:

During the spring and summer of 2022 Nursery staff worked with the Chaffee Arts Center and the Rutland Audubon Society to provide plants for a pollinator garden at their Rutland location.  The plants chosen are all native to this area and include a wide variety of flower shape, color, and blooming period, all of which will be beneficial to the local wildlife.  The plants installed included both flowering shrubs as well as herbaceous perennial flowers. For shrubs the gardens feature nannyberry, ninebark, chokeberry, highbush cranberry, blueberry, spirea, and Carolina rose.  For herbaceous perennial flowers visitors can enjoy blue flag iris, tickseed, black eyed susan, wild bee balm, cardinal flower, ostrich fern, white turtlehead, yarrow, New England Aster, and swamp milkweed. 

As the garden becomes established, it will be an educational piece for Chaffee visitors and the broader community to learn about native plants and the importance of pollinators while surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

Learn more about the installation process and keep up to date on volunteer needs! ->

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