PMNRCD Helping Farmers With Nutrient Management Plans

Beautiful day in the fieldPMNRCD, in partnership with Vermont Association of Conservation Districts (VACD), University of Vermont Extension and VT NRCS will assist small farm operators in the development of nutrient management plans (NMPs). The purpose of this program is to improve water quality by reducing phosphorus and other nutrient loading from small livestock farm operations in the Lake Champlain Basin and beyond. The program is supported through an agreement with NRCS, as well as through partner contributions provided by VACD, UVM Extension and Conservation Districts. This program will help farmers create nutrient management plans certified to NRCS standards. You may see PMNRCD staff out in the fields at this time of year taking soil samples! These samples will help farmers determine the amount of nutrients to apply to their fields in order to maintain soil health, crop viability, and overall water quality. We are thankful for the all the farmers in our watershed who help to keep Vermont’s working landscape healthy, not to mention beautiful!

Support of this blog is made possible with funding through Lake Champlain Basin Program. 

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